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Tile and Grout Cleaning

Sweeping and mopping can only do so much.  To truly clean tile and grout, you need the experts at Clean and Done.  Our high-pressured rotary wands ensure deep penetration of heavily soiled tile and grout surfaces.

Hotel TGS2.jpg
Hotel TGS2.jpg

Tile and Grout Deep Clean

Our commercial grade hard surface cleaning equipment blasts doil from tile, grout, and hard surfaces.  With upwards of 750 psi, our rotary wands not only agitate the soil from your floors, they also remove all soil with high-powered suction.

Deep Soil Penetration

Our rotary wands are the latest state of the art commercial tile and grout cleaning equipment that are second to none.  There is no better way to clean tile and grout floors than the methods and equipment used by Clean and Done.

Hotel TGS3.jpg
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