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Carpet Cleaning Services in California

Carpet Cleaning Services

Steam Extraction

For 8 years, Clean and Done has been the leader in Commercial Carpet Cleaning.  With our high-powered steam extraction machines, Clean and Done can remove an average of 90% of common allergens.  Our hot water extraction method allows us to remove dirt, spots, and odors without leaving behind residue.  ​

We can clean, sanitize, and deodorize your facility's carpets for a healthy and beautifully clean result.

  • Free Pre-Treatment

  • High-Powered Equipment

  • Green-Certified Chemicals

  • Flexible Scheduling

  • Clean with Occupancy

  • Carpet and Area Rugs

  • Frequency Discount


Deep Clean Carpets

Clean and Done uses a variety of machines to achieve quality carpet cleaning results.  Whether it's Steam Extraction, Rotary Wands, or Low Speed Scrubbers, Clean and Done has the righ equipment to ensure deep cleaning of your carpets.​

Let Clean and Done Clean, Renew, and Protect your carpets to protect your flooring investment.  Our trained Carpet Technicians will ensure your carpets are cleaned to the highest standard.

  • Professional Deep Cleaning

  • 500+ psi Rotary Wands

  • ​Fast and Effective

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