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Office Cleaning

Not just clean...healthy and safe!

Cleaning Elevator

Maintaining Clean Work Environments

Our world has changed.  Our workplaces require a clean and disinfected space.  Ensuring your office is cleaned properly, promotes a healthy work environment and decreases worker down time due to sickness.  Our 360 Cleaning Plans ensure all high-touch contact points are properly cleaned.

Cleaning Tables

Enhanced Floor Cleanning

Our cleaning systems use state of the art microfiber flat mopping, 2-chamber mop buckets, and EPA Registered Disinfectants to ensure proper cleanliness four your facilities.

Floor Mop
Housekeeper Wiping the Table

EPA Registered Disinfectants

We use only quality disinfectants that kill viruses and bacteria, reducing the chance of contamination in your facilities.  Our spray bottles and microfiber towels are color coded to prevent cross contamination.

Detailed Cleaning

Our cleaning schedules ensure all areas of your workspace are cleaned, even the smallest details.  Fingerprints, smudges, steaks, dust, dander, and more are carefully removed to promote a clean and healthy workspace.

Window Cleaner
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