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Window Cleaning

Nothing says clean like professional window cleaning.  If you haven't had your windows cleaned, you're missing out.  Clean and Done can professionally clean your windows to remove dirt, grime, smudges, fingerprints, and more.

Window Cleaning
Window Cleaning

Improve Appearance

Professional window cleaning creates a great first impression for your business.  Not only do clean windows enhance the look and feel of your facility, clean windows can also provide a crystal clear apperance letting sunlight in.

Up to 2 Stories

Our professional window cleaners can reach window heights up to 2 stories outside your building and an infinite amount of stories inside.  We use state of the art window extension poles allowing our cleaners to reach those hard to clean windows.

Window Cleaner
Cleaning Windows
Cleaning Windows

Not just Glass Cleaner

Our cleaners use a proprietary mix of commercial cleaning agents to clean your glass.  Our mixture ensures a streak free clean.  Plus, we only use microfiber towels on all of your window surfaces.

Interior Glass & Partitions

Cleaning interior glass and partitions are just as important as your perimeter exterior windows.  Clean and Done can coordinate a cleaning schedule to ensure that your interior glass is serviced on a regular basis.

Cleaning the Window
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