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Post Construction Cleaning

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Construction Clean Up

At Clean and Done, we ensure your post constructioin site is clean and free of debris and dirt.  Every effort will be made to ensure your facility is "turn key" ready.  

Powerful Vacuums

Clean and Done uses state of the art high-powered vacuums to remove excess dust and debris from all hard surfaces.

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Hepa Filtration

Hepa Filtration Back Pack Units are available to clean the most stubborn sheetrock, sawdust, and debris from your job sites.  

Final Cleaning

Our Clean and Done Cleaning Techs will ensure that your facility is handed back in a superbly clean state.  We use professional Low Speed Scrubbers, 2-chamber mop buckets, microfiber mop heads, and EPA Rated disinfectants to ensure a safe and clean space.

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