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Helping you and your staff to remain safe.


The Gold Standard in Disinfecting

Clean and Done takes disinfecting seriously.  We only use the Gold Standard of Electrostatic Sprayers, Victory Brand.  Our sprayers work to provide 360 degree coverage for your facility.

The Best Disinfectant Solution

When COVID-19 appeared, Clean and Done searched for the very best in disinfecting solution.  We found what we believe to be the best disinfectant to kill Viruses, Bacteria, Molds and Fungi.  In fact, Bioesque kills the SARS-CoV-2 Virus (COVID-19) in just 55 seconds!  Our disinfectant is also effective against RSV in just 1 minute on hard surfaces.  

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Charged Particle Disinfecting

Our cordless electrostatic sprayers use a charging ring to place a positive charge on the disinfectant we add to the tanks.  The positively charged particles reple each other, allowing ofr better and further distribution of our disinfectant.  And since most surfaces are negatively charged or neutral, they tend to attract positively charged particles.  The result allows for wraparound effects, which are expecially helpful for curved surfaces like doorknobs and table edges.

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Keeping Business Open

It's important that we are all healthy.  One way we can help ensure our health is to maintain the health of our facilities.  Clean and Done recognizes the importance of a healthy work environment.  For this reason, we ensure we maintain proper disinfecting protocols for your facility and staff.  Our sprayers and disinfectant are state of the art, EPA List N Approved, and require no rinsing, wiping, or re-entry after spraying.  

Photo Jul 02, 14 39 07-Bright_edited.jpg
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